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New to CrossFit?

BAM CrossFit is excited to help you navigate your fitness journey! Contact us to learn more about us and what we have to offer. Foundations 101 is the first step for all new CrossFitters and required prior to attending your first class.


Experienced CrossFitter and wanting to check out BAM CrossFit? We have multiple options for drop-ins; from a day pass to a week pass, we have you covered! Click below to attend a great workout and to learn more about us!


Our programming, completed anywhere at any time.

Full access to our daily programming for 4 classes- CrossFit, HIIT, Olympic Lifting, and Powerlifting. Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting are on a rotating schedule. 5 days a week of programming.


Includes an account with our mobile app to record your scores, keep track of percentages, and compare your times and scores with others.


A class built by women, for women.

A  6 week women only class focused on building strength, toning, and burning calories. Learn the proper technique to lift safely and effectively. All workouts are coach-led and will involving a mix of bodyweight and dumbbell movements.

October 11- November 17. Tuesdays and Thursdays @6:00 pm- 6:45 pm

Try us for free!

We have free classes EVERY weekend, open to the community and welcome for anyone and everyone to join. No experience needed!

Our community classes are on Saturdays at 9 am and Sundays at 8 am. Bring a friend and join us! If you have not visited us before, please take a moment to sign our waiver prior to your class by clicking on the link. On the day of class, show up 5-10 minutes early in proper workout attire and be ready to get a great coach-led workout in!


New to CrossFit but ready to get started? Sign up for our Foundations 101 class now to get started! Foundations 101 is a 4 session class where you will learn and become familiar with all the classic CrossFit movements. This is required for completion prior to attending your first CrossFit class.

Join Our Olympic Lifting Class

Sign up here for our 8 week Olympic Lifting class!  Class occurs two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm and is a full hour focused solely on building strength, technique, and skill in the main Olympic lifts. Membership to this class does not require a membership to BAM CrossFit.

Join our Choose You! HIIT Class!

Join one of our most popular classes; a 30 minute HIIT class! Short on time? Get in and out within 30 minutes and have a killer workout with this class. Available as a monthly membership. Sign up now to secure your spot!

Stronger Together

Have goals? We can help you reach them.


Meet Us

Message us now to discuss your goals, learn how we can help you, and to see what BAM CrossFit is all about.


Try A Class

We offer a variety of classes, and every weekend we have free classes open to the community (Saturday's at 9 am, Sunday's at 8 am). Get a great workout in, see the space, and chat with a coach to find out which class is the right fit for you.


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Reach your fitness goals surrounded by the unwavering support and community of BAM CrossFit.

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We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.